Apple Raspberry Pie with Rough Puff Pastry // The Sugar Hit

Apple Raspberry Pie with Rough Puff Pastry


Bubbling, berry-stained filling, spilling over the edges of a pie dish, bursting through a buttery, flaky crust. The bottom of the pastry just beginning to sog with bright red juice, the top burnished and shatteringly crisp. This is an Apple Raspberry…

THE BEST Lemon Lime Cream Tart // The Sugar Hit

The Best Lemon Lime Cream Tart


  If you’re a regular reader here, first of all, thank you so much, and secondly, you’re probably aware of my predilection for a little urban foraging (see these marshmallows). And of course by ‘urban foraging’ I mean, technically, stealing…

Leap Year Rose Quartz Cake // The Sugar Hit

Leap Year Rose Quartz Cake


  Lemon. Passion fruit. Vanilla. Butter, sugar, flour, eggs. You know that it’s going to be a good time. This Rose Quartz cake is my way of dedicating today, Leap Day, to beauty. That sounds a little dramatic. But I…

Blueberry Peach Crumble


  This Blueberry Peach Crumble is me taking advantage of the absolutely bomb-ass fruit that’s around at the moment. The peaches are incredible, blueberries are actually affordable, and I’ve cracked The Crumble Formula. So, this ridiculously delicious crumble was inevitable…

The Crumble Formula // The Sugar Hit

The Crumble Formula


  Crumble: in my opinion the very best thing that can be done to a glut of fruit. Sure, jam is good. Obviously pie is amazing. But both require a level of commitment that I so often do not have,…

Golden Gaytime Cake! // THE SUGAR HIT

Golden Gaytime Cake!


  OK – first, considering that I have any international readers (hi! Love you!) I should probably explain what a Golden Gaytime is. According to Wikipedia, it is a ‘popular ice cream snack’ created in 1959. The deal with this…

No Bake Milo Ice Cream Pie -- THE SUGAR HIT!



  Oh hey, in case you didn’t know I’m running with an Australian theme this week. It’s Australia Day next Tuesday (also my sister’s birthday, hi Jules!) and I thought I would share a few of the recipes that taste…