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NEW SERIES! Blog Talk/Real Talk


  Meet the newest feature on The Sugar Hit! Blog Talk/Real Talk is all about the Bloggers, Writers, Cooks and Otherwise Awesome FolksĀ  who inspire me, and make this community so exciting. I’m getting in touch with the people who…

Sunday Supplements: Drinks Edition | The Sugar Hit

Sunday Supplements: Drinks Edition


  Ola mi amigos!   Today’s roundup is all about DRANKS. Because after this week, I just feel like I need one. I’m not necessarily going to hit the hard stuff. Unless you count a gingerbread latte as the hard…

Sunday Supplements Japan Edition |

Sunday Supplements: Japan Edition


  Japan. Nihon. The Land of the Rising Sun.   Reader, I have been bitten by the travel bug. Bitten hard. In the past month or so, more documentaries, literature, movies and just plain coincidences have been pointing me in…

Sunday Supplements: Pie Edition |

Sunday Supplements: PIE EDITION!


  Pie Pie Pie, ya’ll. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; pie may be my favourite dessert of all time.   The lovely Elizabeth of Sugar Hero told me recently that she was making me an honorary…

Sunday Supplements Bundaberg Edition /

Sunday Supplements: BUNDABERG Edition!


  That right there is the infamous red dirt of rural Australia. Isn’t it gorgeous?   That’s right folks, it’s the Bundaberg edition of the Sunday Supplement! For my international readers, Bundaberg is a city about 5 hours drive North…

Sunday Supplements Short Edition | The Sugar Hit

Sunday Supplements: Short Edition


  Howdy Ya’ll!   I have had an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING weekend, absolutely choc-a-block full of some really fantastic experiences, which you will hear ALL ABOUT over the coming weeks! Get excited! But this does mean I haven’t had my usual…

Sunday Supplements: Belgium Edition /

Sunday Supplements: Belgium Edition


  This week’s Sunday Supplement is all about Belgium!   That wonderful country that separates France and The Netherlands, and borders Germany to the East. This country has definitely always punched above it’s weight in terms of contributions to the…

Jenis Splendid Ice Creams -

Sunday Supplements: BIRTHDAY EDITION


  Hello lovely sweet readers!   Welcome to the Birthday Edition of the Sunday Supplements (woopwoop). This week we are shining a light on what every person should be experiencing during their special week. There should be loved ones, presents,…