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Gluten Free Vegan Donuts | The Sugar Hit




I’m teaching a workshop on the 24th of November here in Brisbane! My super-baker friend Ainsley and I have put together a 90 minute workshop all about baking without gluten and keeping it vegan. We have created the workshop in partnership with The Joynery which is an awesome program here in Brisbane, all about sharing knowledge in the community. Tickets are $35 dollars, and you will be so full of goodness, and laden down with take-home treats, you won’t even know what to do with yourself at the end!


The series is entitled ‘Nourish’ so our class is all about enjoying indulgences and sweets, without causing harm to others or to yourself! It’s kind of perfect, because Ainsley is a guru when it comes to vegan and gluten free baking, and I’m the taste tester and recipe-tweaker. You know that if it has my stamp of approval it’s just as good, if not better than the gluten-full version.


Gluten Free Vegan Donuts | The Sugar Hit


Which brings me to these baked donuts! This recipe is based on Erin McKenna’s from BabyCakes Covers the Classics which is a phenomenal book for anyone who wants to enjoy amazing cakes. Yep, the recipes are just plain great. They happen to be vegan and gluten-free too. But first and foremost, they are amazing.


McKenna’s recipe was super simple, I just tweaked a few ingredients to suit what I had, and added a few extra spices in, because I love me a spicy donut. The texture of these babies is exactly like a regular cake donut. Actually, no, it’s not like a regular cake donut. It’s like a REALLY FREAKING GOOD cake donut.


Gluten Free Vegan Donuts | The Sugar Hit


Along with these we will be sharing a recipe for Vegan Snickers Bars, choc full of delicious sweet and salty goodness, and perfect for Holiday gift giving. And Ainsley’s amazing Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, which is so good you won’t even know what hit you.


We’ll also be sharing all of our knowledge along the way about baking substitutions, raw substitutions, and how to create new variations on our recipes to make them your own (it’s easy!). Anyway, I’d love to see you there if you are in Brisbane. Or if you know of anyone who you think would be keen! Along with all the baking goodness and eating, it will just be a plain old good time, with everyone getting involved and lots of laughter. Hope to see you there! Tell a friend!


xx Sarah


Gluten Free Vegan Donuts | The Sugar Hit


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