Sunday Supplements: Belgium Edition

Sunday Supplements: Belgium Edition /


This week’s Sunday Supplement is all about Belgium!


That wonderful country that separates France and The Netherlands, and borders Germany to the East. This country has definitely always punched above it’s weight in terms of contributions to the world. We have Belgium to thank for the Smurfs(!), Jean-Claude Van Damme(!!) and HergĂ©, who created the incredible TinTin comics.


But mainly, today I salute Belgium for three things:


Waffles, French Fries, and Chocolate!!


Sunday Supplement: Belgium Edition /


The Waffles, children!! They are truly glorious. For we thank the Belgiums for the wonderous creation that is, the Liege Waffle. Liege waffles are absolutely my favourite kind of waffles, hands down. If I could only eat one kind of waffle for the whole rest of my life, it would be the liege waffle.


They are slow-risen, yeasted waffles, studded with pearl sugar so that when they bake, little pockets of caramelised sugar form within the crispy walls of the waffle. It is truly a thing of beauty. Stay tuned for a recipe, because I can’t hold on much longer.




I cannot think about Belgian Frites without thinking about this scene from Pulp Fiction, because even though John Travolta’s character is talking about Holland (Netherlands), they do it in Belgium too! Mayonnaise ALL OVER the chips, and baby, it’s a good time.


It’s weird that even though we call them French Fries, any Belgian will tell you that Frites definitely come from Belgium. The French even make fun of them for eating frites all the time! But you didn’t hear that from me.


Sunday Supplement: Belgium Edition /


And the chocolate, oh the chocolate. What is it about the countries in this region of Europe that they have such an affinity for the sweet stuff we all love? Belgium, to me, is where milk chocolate reigns supreme.


I know the trend at the moment is for dark chocolate, high percentage, and I love that. But there is something about GOOD milk chocolate, that I simply adore. And when I can’t stand it any longer, I will be busting out one bowl, and I will be cracking into the gingersnap crusted chocolate fondant pictured above. Molten heaven, and phenomenal with milk chocolate.


And now, for your internet perusing pleasure, my collection of the greatest waffles, chocolate and french fries we have to offer;





Profitez de votre semaine!


xx Sarah.



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