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Lazy Sunday // The Sugar Hit


Inspired by Joy’s Sunday Things (get on it) and Laura’s Sunday Thymes (go check em out) and Jess’s Currently Crushing On (she knows her stuff) and my own ‘Sunday Supplements’ (the dorkily named Sunday round-ups that I used to do a million years ago), I bring you, LAZY SUNDAY: the still dorkily-named but NEW Sunday thanggggs round up here on The Sugar Hit.


I had a minor episode of quarter life cris-o-mania this week, as the sheer uncertainty of the particular industry that I work in sort of dawned on me all of a sudden. And the fact that affording a house, or some travel, or…you know…adult things was uncertain at best. LIFE, you guys. LIFE AT TWENTY-FIVE. It’s a lot. I’m thinking about it.


Anyway, the things that are making me happy and pleasingly distracting me at the moment ARE:

Mess Hall. The erratically published letter/newsletter/kinda-blog of Marian Bull who was one of the editors at Food52 for a long time and is now a writer-for-hire (sounds cooler than freelancer imho). It’s the kind of food writing I most love to read – where the food is incidental and real, and the writing is honest. Sign up, and then go and read all the back catalog.


Lazy Sunday // The Sugar Hit


Girl Gang. This Girl Gang Shirt is a collaboration between The Meringue Girls and Mre Soeur and I love it because a) I love a plain white shirt and b) I love Girl Gangs. Sadly they’re all sold out, so I can’t send you to a link or anything. I just love it. (Also, if I made a cool snap-back hat that said SUGAR on the front, would you want one? I’m serious. They would probably be about $40 inc. shipping)


Karl Lagerfeld’s Atelier. Karl and I have the same idea about how many books a person needs.


East LA. Adrianna put together a guide to all of her favourite places to eat in East LA, and now I want to immediately go there and try everything on the list. Seriously, Korean Fried Chicken, Tacos, Rotisserie Chicken, Toast, Vietnamese Food – these are all my favourite things. I think I need to move.


Jen Gotch. If you’re on Snapchat, first you need to go follow me thesugarhit, then seriously go and follow Jen Gotch. She is the Creative Director (I think? Maybe CEO?) of Ban.Do and her snapchat is as insane as it is hilarious. MVP awards to Gertie the cat for stoically tolerating Jen’s attempts to face swap with her, and the hummingbird who hangs out at the Drive-Thru coffee place.


Everything I Want To Eat. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this book to come out? Like, years. It’s by Jessica Koslow, who owns Sqirl and even though it’s not even available until October, I’m completely in love with it already.


And for my weekly imagined epic brunch spread I would like one of each of the following:

  • This gluten free Dutch Baby, which makes me want to eat it even if it skips my beloved gluten.
  • A platter of these Bloody Mary Veggie Burgers, because yum, and because TELL ME these wouldn’t be amazing with bacon on them.
  • Fried Potatoes – aka Kartoffelpuffer – a non-negotiable part of any brunch as far as I’m concerned, apple sauce and sour cream also non-negotiable.
  • A perfect Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee. Cocoa ice cubes? Coconut water cold brew? Yessssss please.
  • Aaaaaaand a couple of these Gianduja Chocolate Chip Cookies to go, please and thank you

xx Sarah.

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