Pine Lime Splice Pops! // The Sugar Hit

Pine Lime Splice Popsicles!


Pine Lime Splice Popsicles! The great Australian pool-side treat, in a super easy, flipping delicous, homemade rendition. Get amongst it.   Summer in Brisbane city always has been and always will be a hot, sticky affair. Luckily my childhood home…

Elderlflower Peach & Raspberry Jellies // The Sugar Hit

Elderflower Peach & Raspberry Jellies


  Have you everrrr tasted elderflower before? Until very recently I had NOT. Once I did, the idea for these Elderflower Peach & Raspberry Jellies beamed straight into me head and I had to make them.   I’d read about…

Coconut Rice Porridge with Passionfruit // The Sugar Hit

Coconut Rice Porridge with Passionfruit


  I’m writing to you from the middle of summer in subtropical Queensland. So, if you’re somewhere cold right now, sorry if this Coconut Rice Porridge with Passionfruit seems somewhat jarring. But I’m doing a new thing this year! Usually…

Fruit Salad That Doesn't Suck // The Sugar Hit

Fruit Salad That Doesn’t Suck


  One of the things that has stuck with me most from ‘Yes Please’ by Amy Poehler is the idea that when people are trying to choose a career, instead of asking ‘What do you want to do?’, we should ask ‘What…

Creme Brulee Rice Pudding // The Sugar Hit!

Creme Brulee Rice Pudding!


  You know what’s better than rice pudding? Creme Brulee Rice Pudding.   Did you know that rice pudding is the traditional holiday dessert of Denmark? It’s called Risalamande, and usually comes with a tart cherry sauce on top. They play…

Smoky Salted Caramel Chocolate Layer Cake! // The Sugar Hit!

Smoky Salted Caramel Chocolate Layer Cake


  December is almost here, Thanksgiving is over, so my friends thangs is about to get FESTIVE around here! And it’s all starting with this beautiful, sexy, Smoky Salted Caramel Chocolate Layer Cake!   Isn’t there just something about a recipe…

PB&J Wagon Wheels! // The Sugar Hit

The PB&J Wagon Wheel


  You know how it’s hip at the moment to take a trashy food item that you loved as a child and transform it into a trendy, modern dessert? Well, this is kind of that, but not really.   Because the thing…