Fruit Salad That Doesn’t Suck

Fruit Salad That Doesn't Suck // The Sugar Hit


One of the things that has stuck with me most from ‘Yes Please’ by Amy Poehler is the idea that when people are trying to choose a career, instead of asking ‘What do you want to do?’, we should ask ‘What would you do anything to avoid?’. I totally agree. Nothing shines a glaring spotlight on what you want to do, than days and weeks spent something that you really fucking hate doing. It’s the reason I feel so strongly that everyone should have at least one terrible job in their life.


Fruit Salad That Doesn't Suck // The Sugar Hit
I also think it’s a cool way to think about the New Year. Instead of focusing on what you want, making goals and resolutions and grand plans, think about what you really really don’t want. It’s not a better or worse way of looking at things, but it certainly does provide a different perspective. It shines a light on the things that are really important…to avoid. It also highlights the things that scare you the most. Sometimes looking those things right in the face makes it real easy to scratch the unimportant things off the list.


Fruit Salad That Doesn't Suck // The Sugar Hit
What does this have to do with fruit salad? Well, I have strong feelings about fruit salad. I have a lot to say about what a fruit salad SHOULD NOT be. It should not be mushy. It should not be watery. It should not contain EITHER apple or banana (although an apple-only salad would be fine)(I hate bananas). Here’s the thing – when you add banana to a fruit salad, everything just ends up tasting like different textures of banana. And apple is way too texturally different to all the other fruits. Beautiful soft berries and juicy melon and bursting grapes and then a chunk of sharp apple? No good.
This is my recipe for a fruit salad that DOESN’T SUCK. Those piles of giant, soggy, waterlogged, bruised fruit, studded with slimy banana can get straight into the bin. Instead, I want crisp chunks of watermelon, ripe, floral peaches, raspberries and blueberries, and the barest scattering of tart juicy redcurrants, all spritzed with a super-light, barely there lime syrup. Not only does this fruit salad not suck, it’ll change the way you think about eating fruit. This is a luxurious experience. Decadent even. And it is exactly the opposite of what I don’t want. And I’ve got a secret luck feeling that maybe 2016 will be the same! Tell me – what will you do anything to avoid this year?


xx Sarah.


Fruit Salad That Doesn't Suck // The Sugar Hit


Fruit Salad That Doesn't Suck
A fresh summer fruit salad with melon, berries and peaches in a light lime syrup.
Serves: Serves 2-4
  • ¼ small watermelon
  • 1 punnet blueberries
  • 1 punnet raspberries
  • small handful redcurrants
  • 3 ripe yellow peaches
  • 2 limes
  • 1 tbsp icing sugar (aka powdered sugar)
  1. Wash and pick over all the fruit. Slice the watermelon into smallish chunks, the peaches into thin wedges, and halve any particularly large raspberries.
  2. Arrange the melon, berries, and peaches on a serving platter.
  3. Zest and juice the limes into a small bowl, and then whisk in the sugar until it dissolves.
  4. Pour the lime syrup over the fruit, toss gently to coat and serve immediately.

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  • Ooh I loved Yes Please too! So much great advice. And hilariously put, oftentimes.. :) I think making a resolution to avoid stuff one really, really, really doesn’t want in one’s life is a great idea…I ought to try that!

    Oh and the fruit salad looks delish. Very fresh and colorful :D

  • Yep, apples and bananas can GTFO of fruit salads. I also feel a bit suspect about oranges, although i could maybe be persuaded. This one looks excellent! More fruit in 2016, less feeling guilty when i don’t eat as much as I should!

  • Happy New Year! That’s a really great idea to look at life from that perspective and I totally agree with you on what shouldn’t go in a fruit salad. I also love that you’re in the south hem and can relate to how annoying it is to have tons of fresh berries and melons around while most everyone else is putting blood orangeS in EVERYTHING. Love this salad, Girl!

  • Lime and watermelon are my favourite and it’s about damn time someone made a good fruit salad. Those things just rarely do it for me and I’m a huge fruit fan.

    I also love the ‘don”t want’ resolution idea! This year I don’t want time to get away from me. Now I just need to figure out how to go about that lolz.

  • ohgaawwd bananas ruin every fruit salad ever. and also the texture of a chunk of banana makes me gag. I don’t mind apple in a fruit salad, but I would for sure take your fruit salad over an apple-laden one! Can my new year ‘don’t’ goal be “I don’t want to not be Amy Poehler…”??

  • I love your take on resolving not to create what you don’t want (too many negatives there?? I think you know what I mean). I have definitely had plenty of experiences, jobs, relationships, etc… that I don’t want. And you’re right, Those experiences have been very motivating….as in, “never again! never, ever again!”
    P.s. i love your post title and I couldn’t agree more with your fruit salad philosophy. Banana has no business in a fruit salad (yuck!)
    Happy New year! thanks for making the internet a more charming, delicious, wonderful place. <3

  • Yum, this looks delicious. I have no idea why so many people insist on putting bananas in fruit salads – I love having a banana for breakfast, but it has to be on its own!
    I’ll probably lower the amount of sugar in the lime syrup or swap it out for a little Stevia, but I really can’t wait to try this.

  • I like this approach to new years goals :)
    And I”m so with you–no apple or banana in fruit salad. I don’t like bananas much either..when I feed them to my baby, I kinda gag.
    Happy new year, Friend! <3

  • Hey Sarah,
    A really good salad! One of my favourite fruits… Amazing! Cannot wait to make it.
    Brilliant name btw ;)


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