Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream {gf, df, vegan} + A GIVEAWAY!

Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream | The Sugar Hit


There are two reasons why I am so majorly excited to share this post with you today. The first one is that I have finally found a recipe for a gluten free, dairy free and VEGAN ice cream that is just every single little bit as creamy and delicious as the real deal.


And the second one is that the person who came up with this fabulous recipe is not only willing to share it with us, but she’s written a whole book about it, and I have one to giveaway!


Coconut Milk Ice Cream Cookbook |


Do you know Aimee Ryan? She’s the stylistic genius behind the lovely blog Wallflower Girl. Add that one to your feed-reader, friends, because she’s doing some beautiful work over there.


More intriguingly to me, Aimee is putting in the hard yards for those of us who have restricted diets, whether by necessity or by choice, and she really is coming up with some brilliant results if this ice cream is anything to go by.


Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream | The Sugar Hit


How do I love thee, chocolate coconut ice cream? Let me count the ways. You are creamy, not icey. You are strongly chocolatey, not just brown. You are scented with coconut, bringing to mind memories of coconut roughs, which are a weird round disk of chocolate and coconut that I used to eat when I was a kid.


In short, you are everything I could ever want an ice cream to be, whether you contain grains, refined sugars, animal products or not. And considering the fact that you don’t, well that’s really something.


Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream | The Sugar Hit


Aimee’s book is totally gorgeous, and full of different recipes. I picked one of the most basic, because I think that’s the true test of any ice cream recipe. Man oh man, did that turn out. Now I have my eye set on her Cashew Cookie Dough Chip, because YES PLEASE!


Now for the fun part – the giveaway! If you would like the chance to win an e-copy of the lovely Miss Aimee’s book, so that you can have all of her expert advice, detailed substitution recommendations, and super creative recipes at your fingertips, then simply leave a comment below! A winner be randomly selected and contacted next Monday (23rd June, 2014 AEST). Good luck!

This competition has closed, a winner was announced on The Sugar Hit Facebook Page, on the 23rd June 2014.


xx Sarah.


Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream | The Sugar Hit


Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream {gf, df, vegan}
The recipe for Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream from Aimee Ryan's 'Vegan and Grain-free Coconut Milk Ice Cream' cookbook!
Serves: 4-6
  • 720ml coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp arrowroot powder
  • 20g cocoa powder
  • 120ml maple syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 90g dark chocolate chips (gf, df, vegan as required)
  • optional (1 tbsp alcohol)
  1. Mix 60 ml coconut milk with the arrowroot powder in a small bowl and set aside.
  2. Pour the rest of the coconut milk, the cocoa powder and maple syrup into a large saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring all the time.
  3. As soon as the mixture begins to boil, stir in the arrowroot mixture to thicken the liquid.
  4. Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla, chocolate chips and alcohol. Keep stirring until all the chocolate is melted.
  5. Chill the mixture in the fridge until cold and churn. (in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer instructions)
  6. Transfer the ice cream to a freezer-safe container and freeze for at least 3 hours or overnight.



  1. Oh man! 10:30 AM, and all I can think about now is ICE CREAM.

  2. This is the second time in 2 days coconut milk ice cream has popped up. Clearly it’s a sign i need to make it! Looks pretty amaze!

  3. This ice cream looks delicious! I don’t have a restricted diet but I love trying new things, so I’d be really thrilled to win this competition :)

  4. Wow!

  5. Now I have to get up. That sounds so, so good!! I guess I’ll have a glass of coconut milk to tide me over

  6. yum that looks fab i’d love to try those recipes

  7. Mmm… Can’t wait to try this!

  8. Love the idea of coconut milk ice cream! Would love to try some of the recipes from the book!

  9. I cannot wait to try this out! My stepson is allergic to dairy (so much so he has an epi-pen) and it’s always a challenge to find new recipes that he’ll like, especially dessert! I’m sure he’ll LOVE this one!

  10. Wow! I’ can’t wait to make this on the weekend!
    I use to love ice cream but had to give it up a couple of years ago because the dairy was making me sick. I’ve been looking for a great substitute ever since. Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  11. ahhh this looks so good! and i had no idea that an entire book of coconut milk ice cream existed. this is awesome :)

  12. Oh wow!! I am always on the lookout for good dessert recipes for my dairy intolerant brother and his vegan girlfriend. This is perfect!!! Again Sugar Hit is right on the money!!!

  13. These look so good. Ice cream is my favourite food, no question. I tried making my own homemade for the first time last summer and have never looked back! I haven’t made any in quite a while though; the weather hasn’t been good in dear ol’ England. I can’t can’t for summer though!

  14. This looks like major must-have for my weekly girl’s night get-together!!

  15. This looks like a major must-have for my weekly girl’s night get-together! I can’t wait to try it!

  16. Yay! I cannot wait to make this for my moms birthday. An ice cream lover with a dairy allergy is a sad lady until her awesome daughter (cough… Me!) makes her this superb treat. I can just hear the phrase now, “you’re my favorite daughter”! Sssshh, don’t tell my sisters.

  17. Gah. THis looks SO good!!

  18. What kind of alcohol did you use? I’m going to try this with some chocolate liqueur for extra chocolatey-ness. Thanks for sharing the recipe

    • Hi Jenn, I used Pedro Ximinez sherry, because it’s one of my favourite combinations with chocolate. But a chocolate liquer sounds even better!

  19. Wow! That’s exactly how I like my chocolate ice cream to look. Bet it’s delish!!

  20. That looks so yummy! We are a dairy free home so this book would be awesome.

  21. I would love to try making this with a hint of coconut rum! :) I love coconut milk ice cream and a whole book about it? I might faint!!

  22. Yummmm! My dairy-free ice cream dreams are about to come true!

  23. Sounds delicious, can’t watt to try this out!

  24. perfect time of year for this recipe

  25. THANK YOU!!! I just found out that I am gluten and dairy sensitive AND my son’s college roommate is flying in tomorrow and HE is, too!
    I would love to win this book. I haven’t really made too much ice cream since finding out about my sensitivities, so, I would be one Happy Ice Cream Camper!

  26. Oops! I tried to edit my post since i misspelled gluten and it posted twice. So sorry!

      • This looks incredible! Yum

  27. Uhhmm hello beautiful! Come to mama! Seriously, this is so perfect. I am always looking for dairy free ice cream recipes since my dad, brother and I are all lactose intolerant (hard life right?) Definitely making this for the next sunday supper!

  28. Cashew cookie dough? Yes please.

  29. Just found this on Pinterest – now I;m in trouble… (great pics)

  30. I’m in awe. This looks like the richest, loveliest chocolate ice cream possible-CANNOT BELIEVE that it’s dairy free/vegan!!!!

  31. I’ve been drooling over this book since I first discovered it a few weeks ago!

  32. I have very fond memories of going to the cinemas as a child and eating a golden rough. Definitely going to try my hand at this recipe!

  33. can’t get enough of your beautiful pictures !

  34. Beautiful blog and hoping for some luck! Would love these recipes

  35. Holy YUM! Get in my belly!

  36. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it.

  37. doing away with dairy is hard. thank all the gods for coconut milk, so a girl can still get her ice cream fix.

  38. My sister is celiac so I would try these recipes.

  39. Those photos look delicious :)

  40. yummmmmm

  41. A cookbook with a variety of ice creams to make – in my house – is dangerous. But I would love it!! (my jeans won’t)

  42. Can’t wait to try it!

  43. Cannot WAIT to try these recipes!!!!

  44. I need this book and an ice cream maker ASAP. Sounds so good !!!!

  45. Do you use the canned coconut milk that’s more like a cream that you find in the ethnic food isle? or are you using the coconut milk found in the refrigerator section with the other non dairy milk substitutes (almond, soy.)?

    • Hi Nina! I have to be honest with you, here in Australia we only have the kind that comes in a can from the ethnic food aisle (or at least that’s all I can get). So that’s what I used! And it worked brilliantly!

      • great! thanks for letting me know. trying soon.

  46. Okay what. I can barely believe this is vegan, cus that deep chocolate texture and color is outta control!

  47. Mmmmm…that’s totally the color chocolate ice cream should be!

  48. Looks amazing!

  49. The texture of that ice cream looks just perfect – it looks so delicious :)

  50. coconut milk is so magical! and I love chocolate ice cream that isn’t just brown, but actually, richly chocolatey.

  51. I hear crying every night from the closet. Why you ask? I have a brand new ice cream maker that’s been sitting in the dark for over 3 months all alone waiting to be used. The problem is I need encouragement , something that screams at me to make it and I think I have found it!!!

  52. Wow, this recipe is a must try. It looks so delicious.

  53. This is the BEST looking dairy free ice cream I have EVER drooled over!!!

  54. The photos are making me drool! Need this book to add to my collection of wonderful mouth-watering things to make

  55. Looks spire yummy <3

  56. Wow, I did not know you could make coconut milk ice cream. This sounds great!

  57. Looks delicious! I love chocolate coconut milk ice cream. My local co op makes it but I have yet to try making my own

  58. This looks delicious!!

  59. This looks amazing!!

  60. I want that book! It looks great and my Toddler has a huge range of allergies… But I can make the chocolate ice cream you posted about. That’s amazing and I do t even have to substituteany of the ingredients! Mel

  61. Hey Sarah! This looks delish. I am keen to give this one a whirl!

  62. Please please please pick me! Always diet conscious but my one crutch is ice-cream. This would make my world complete!!!

  63. Ahhhh, you’ve found my weakness. I love all things coconut!

    Can’t wait to indulge, I mean try out these recipes!

  64. This book sure looks like it has some great ideas! I’d be very interested to try out the grain free recipes… cream!!!

  65. Oh my gosh. This ice cream looks amazing! I will have to try it!

  66. That looks amazing! And with coconut milk, right on!

  67. It’s 6 :00 am and I can’t Hartley wait for the first batch to be ready! I got to try it b4 dinner time.

  68. Making ice cream is on my summer to-do list!! I’d love to start with this book :)

  69. I love making dairy free ice cream! This would be perfect for me!

  70. If it was acceptable to eat ice cream for every meal and if i didn’t gain one pound, i would definitely eat ice cream all the time!! This coconut milk ice cream looks amazing!!

  71. This sounds Delish! Can’t wait to try this :)

  72. Oh My Gosh!! THis is so exciting! I can not wait to try this. FINALLY a recipe for gf, df, ice cream that doesn’t use a banana! and with a natal sweetener! YAY, thank you so much for sharing!! SO grateful.

  73. Oh my goodness, this recipe sounds ah-mazing!!! I can only imagine what exciting recipes are in the book!

  74. OMG this looks so delicious! I can’t wait to try this!

  75. if pictures say 1000 words this says eat me 1000 times

  76. I scream, you scream, we all love (a more nutritious and healthy) IceCEAM!

  77. I make coconut milk ice cream all the time for my non-dairy doer hubster, but I’ve never added arrow root and am excited to see what this does to the texture. Thanks for the recommendation!

  78. I think my girlfriend might finally marry me if I make her some chocolate ice cream

  79. I love coconut milk so coconut milk ice cream sounds even yummier!

  80. Vegan desserts have come a long way from stewed fruit in a bowl. this looks delicious!

  81. This is the book I’ve been looking for! I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  82. I’m already dreaming of a it chocolate variant of this!!!!

  83. oh my, I wanna lick this off my screen now :D This looks soo good. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. My son is lactose intolerant, so I’m just starting to explore dairy-free recipes! This ice cream looks amazing!

  85. Looks great!

  86. This looks so yummy mmmmm! Love coconut milk


  88. All that is missing is some marshmallow fluff and pretzels, and we have a snack (or Friday night dinner at my house!) thanks for sharing! :)

  89. A summer inspiration!

  90. YUM!!!! My tummy is grumbling just looking at these delicious morsels!

  91. Chocolate and ice cream I have always loved; Coconut is a new obsession. Which means that I must make this!

  92. Yum! I am making this today!

  93. Here’s my question: I threw out my ice cream maker because it was a pile of junk. Heh. I’m reluctant to buy another because I’ve never used one that really works.

    can i skip the churning step and just put it into the freezer? What function does the churning accomplish, if we’re freezing it for three hours afterwards anyway? (if it’s to whip air into the mixture, would putting it on high speed into the blender for a while work?)

    Thank you! this looks beyond decadent… i’d like to try adding natural peanut butter to it just before freezing… you know, no big deal. ;)

    • Hey Kim! I totally understand what you mean – it’s hard to find a reliable ice cream maker. I use a cuisinart model, that I’m pretty happy with though. The point of the churning process is two-fold. Firstly, it whips air into the ice cream. Secondly, it continuously breaks up the ice crystals as the ice cream freezes, which is what gives you a smooth as opposed to an icy texture. If you don’t have an ice cream machine, you could just put the ice cream in the freezer and then every hour or so, take it out and whiz it in a food processor or blender. That would probably do the job of breaking down the ice crystals just as well.

    • Hey Kim! I totally understand what you mean – it’s hard to find a reliable ice cream maker. I use a cuisinart model, that I’m pretty happy with though. The point of the churning process is two-fold. Firstly, it whips air into the ice cream. Secondly, it continuously breaks up the ice crystals as the ice cream freezes, which is what gives you a smooth as opposed to an icy texture. If you don’t have an ice cream machine, you could just put the ice cream in the freezer and then every hour or so, take it out and whiz it in a food processor or blender. That would probably do the job of breaking down the ice crystals just as well.

  94. Oh LORDY That looks so good!!!! Reminds me of the chocolate ice cream I used to get on vacation when I was a kid. This would be better since I have lactose intolerance. Fabulous! Can’t wait to make some!

  95. amazing and so clever

  96. Looks delicious!

  97. Looks really good,!
    Can I substitute the arrowroot powder for cornstarch?
    Don’t think I can get arrowroot in my area, never heard of it before actually.

    • Hi Michal – I haven’t tested it with cornstarch, but I think that would be a perfectly appropriate substitute. Do have a look for arrowroot, though! It’s a fairly common ingredient, I can get it at my local supermarket.

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