Pauper’s Toast with Ginger Ganache

Pauper's Toast with Ginger Ganache | The Sugar Hit


Remember what I said about a time of restraint?


And how it was all so I could continue to roll out the good stuff here on The Sugar Hit? Well, medames and messieurs, meet The Good Stuff. Because this Pauper’s Toast is about the most delicious, addictive snack that I’ve had IN MY LIFE!


Pauper's Toast with Ginger Ganache | The Sugar Hit


Man, it is the munchiest, crunchiest, gooiest, chocolatiest thing. Every bite has a new, delicious sensation. Here’s how it works:


You take a piece of sourdough bread.

Butter it, and then dip it into cinnamon sugar.

You toast it in a dry frying pan until both sides are caramelised and golden.

Meanwhile, you make a chocolate spread with milk and dark chocolate, olive oil, cream and ginger.

You wait for the toast to cool, spread it with ganache, sprinkle with sea salt, and then top with slices of preserved ginger.

And you then ask the toast to marry you.


Ginger Ganache | The Sugar Hit

Ginger Ganache | The Sugar Hit


This recipe is inspired by a book that I love called ‘Around the World in 80 Dishes‘ by David Loftus. The Pauper’s Toast in his book is from Danyel Couet, and this is my spiced-up version. Have you heard of David Loftus? He is my hero when it comes to food photography.


I absolutely love his style, and his photos have that lickability factor which is so important in food photography. He does all the photos for Jamie Oliver’s books, as well as Pippa Middleton’s book, and both of Rachel Khoo’s.


Pauper's Toast with Ginger Ganache | The Sugar Hit


What I love about Loftus’ photos is that they have a soft, but at the same time vibrant quality. There’s warmth in his photos, and a definite feeling of life. Even in the photos that are purely food, there is a sense of movement, as though someone is waiting just out of frame to devour each dish.


They’re absolutely gorgeous. Whenever I need inspiration, I either turn to Loftus, or the Gourmet Traveller website. Incredible styling and photography overflow from both sources!


Pauper's Toast with Ginger Ganache | The Sugar Hit

Pauper's Toast with Ginger Ganache | The Sugar Hit


His work is so inspiring, in fact, that it usually ends up with me in the kitchen! (read:with chocolate all over my face) And if there was ever a reason to get into the kitchen, or to get chocolate all over your face, it is this decadent snack. I’m eating it right now, in fact. I can’t stop.


So where do you go when you need some inspiration? Anywhere in particular that tops up your mojo? I love hearing what different people are excited by – there’s just so much out there. I think I’ll eat some more Pauper’s Toast and trawl my blog feed right now.


xx Sarah.


Ginger Ganache | The Sugar Hit



Pauper’s Toast with Ginger Ganache


Recipe by Sarah Coates, adapted from Daniel Couet’s recipe, which appears in Around the World in 80 Dishes by David Loftus.



For the Ganache:

1/2 cup (125ml) cream

1 1/2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp syrup from a jar of stem ginger

5 oz (125g) chocolate (I used half dark, half milk, but use whatever you like)

For the Toast:

sourdough bread


cinnamon sugar

Stem ginger & sea salt for serving


To make the ganache, place all the ingredients into a small pan and melt gently over a low heat, stirring slowly and often. Once all smooth, pour into a small bowl, or sterilised jar and pop in the fridge. It should last for about 2 weeks.


To make the toast, butter both sides of your sourdough slices, and then dip them into the cinnamon sugar. Place the pieces into a dry frying pan over a medium heat and cook until they are caramelised and golden. Set aside for at least five minutes after cooking so they cool down and become crisp. To serve, spread each slice with a generous slick of ganache, some slices of stem ginger,  and a smattering of sea salt. Delicious.


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