The BEST, EASIEST Frozen Yoghurt EVER

Best Frozen Yoghurt Ever //


It’s Friday!!! WOOHOOO!!!!


If you’re not totally psyched for life on a Friday, then man do I feel sorry for you! That must be a bummer, having no soul. Because on Friday…there’s just something in the air. Something exciting, infectious, full of possibility! It’s like a mini-Christmas Eve every week. Or the feeling you get on the morning after they drew the lottery and you haven’t checked your lottery ticket yet and you MIGHT JUST BE a millionaire!


It’s a good feeling.


Best Frozen Yoghurt Ever //


Every Friday is like a little taste of the beginning of the Summer holidays. So why not celebrate Fridays to the max, with this little taste of Summer, right here? Because ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the EASIEST, MOST DELICIOUS, MOST AMAZING frozen yoghurt recipe of all time (that I have encountered).


Here’s the thing. I’m fussy about my fro-yo. Not just any old yoghurt whacked in the freezer will do. And frankly? A lot of the time I can’t help but feel like I’ve just been shortchanged, and I should be eating straight up delicious ice-cream. I figure, if low and no-fat yoghurt can be so delicous, then surely low and no-fat frozen yoghurt can be equally delicious. But this is seldom the case.


Best Frozen Yoghurt Ever //


So often, the delicious frozen yoghurt I’m eating is actually full made with full fat yoghurt and cream. Sorry, but if that’s the deal imma take a double choc brownie waffle cone to go. I get my fats from the pro-treats. Otherwise my low fat frozen yoghurt is either sorely lacking in flavour and body, or it has a horrible texture, and gives me that squeaky teeth feeling.


To that I say;

No thank you, please.

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Best Frozen Yoghurt Ever //


So I ventured out on my own, and created this one. It’s totally inspired by Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, of course, but WAAAAAYYY simpler. And it was also inspired by Gizzi Erskine, who I love, but slightly more complicated. Here’s the scoop. #PUNINTENDED


You take 500g no fat yoghurt (greek yoghurt, if you can get it), then you drain it for half an hour or so, add in some condensed milk and a splash of vanilla bean paste, and then you churn it. BOOM. Delicious, very low fat creamy dreamy frozen yoghurt. It’s so good, you’re going to want to smear it all over your body. And yes, it’s not totally fat free, but it’s close enough for me! TWO SCOOPS PLEASE!


Best Frozen Yoghurt Ever //


And just like that, I’ve got my Friday feeling back. And I’m high-fiving a million angels.
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xx Sarah.


Best, Easiest Frozen Yoghurt Ever Recipe


Makes 500ml (2 cups)

Inspired by Gizzi Erskine and Jeni Britton-Bauer.



500ml (2 cups) no fat yoghurt

200g (3/4 cup) condensed milk

1 tsp vanilla paste


First, place the yoghurt in a fine mesh sieve lined with paper towels or muslin, and place over a bowl in the fridge for 30 minutes, or up to 3 hours. Remove the yoghurt from the fridge, discarding any liquid that has drained out of it. Place the yoghurt, condensed milk and vanilla in a large bowl and whisk them together, before churning in an ice cream machine for around 30 minutes, or until it reaches a soft serve consistency. Place in the freezer for a few hours to set, and then EAT IT.



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