Ice Cream

Mulberry Ice Cream // The Sugar Hit

Mulberry Ice Cream


  There are not nearly enough purple foods. It’s such an enticing colour. It’s why grape-flavoured things seem so awesome (and often are). Ice cream is no exception to this rule. Just as I was drawn to the ‘rainbow’ flavoured…

Rum Ball Ice Cream // The Sugar Hit

Rum Ball Ice Cream


  Let me roll you a chewy, chunky, chocolatey scoop of Christmas. It’s a rum ball, baby, which in my opinion is just about the most seasonal treat there is. Sugar cookies, gingerbread, even fruitcake can find homes at other…

Toblerone Ice Cream Cake! | The Sugar Hit

Toblerone Ice Cream Cake!


  This cake is a PARRRTAYYYY. I’m talking layers of tender chocolate cake, filled with creamy, milk chocolate-toblerone ice cream, smothered in honey chocolate sauce, and topped with yet more toblerone chunks.   This cake is a babe. If it…