More Bloggers Bake The Sugar Hit!

Bloggers Bake The Sugar Hit Cookbook!


I’m listening to Patsy Cline sing her damn heart out right now, chilling in my brand new office (!!! I got a desk for my birthday) and feeling a warm and beautiful feeling in my heart at how lovely the food bloggers of the world are.


Seriously, get a load of this beautiful bunch of bloggers who have baked something from The Sugar Hit! book. Above is the distinctively gorgeous photography of Stephanie from I Am A Food Blog – she PUMPKIN SPICE’D my Homemade Tim Tams recipe! I mean, only a non-Aussie could have thought of this genius, and I’m so glad she did. Don’t you want one of these? Or fifty? Or a neverending box-full?


Bloggers Bake The Sugar Hit Cookbook!



Next up, blogger KWEEN Joy the Baker made a PB&J twist on my Filthy Cheat’s Jam Donuts! With this recipe you basically get all the joy of a sugar-dusted donut, spilling with hot jam, but you can make the whole thing from woah to go in under half an hour. It’s Midnight Snack CARNAGE! And Joy only took it to new heights by slamming that peanut butter in there. IN-SANE.


Bloggers Bake The Sugar Hit Cookbook!


Hey, speaking of kweens, I’m sure you probably know Christina of Dessert For Two? You know, she’s a total babe, she’s got a super cute bebe, and she makes small scale versions of every dessert under the sun? Plus her first book is like, a best seller? If you’re not onto this gem already, get on the train, and what better way than with a small batch of my Dulce De Leche Crepes! Silky, luscious, sweet, crunchy and a lil’ boozy too.


Bloggers Bake The Sugar Hit Cookbook!


Another blogger that has been inspiring me since the very early days of TSH is Elizabeth from Sugar Hero. An author-lady, a crazy talent, and I like to think that I have even a fraction of her sky-high levels of creativity! For realsies, her layer cakes, trifles, cupcakes, truffles and candy, ALL OF IT! Insane! And she made my Tim Tams, and I swear they look even better than my version!


Bloggers Bake The Sugar Hit Cookbook!


This – would you look at this? This bowl of rumpled Vanilla Bean Dutch Baby (from my book!) is by Jessica of How Sweet Eats, and she has done me so so proud. I’m also so so jealous, because she replaced the cherry-bourbon compote from my book with an apple-bourbon compote, and a cream cheese glaze, taking this into CINNAMON ROLL territory! I mean…Jess, marry me? I think we could make beautiful blog music together.


Bloggers Bake The Sugar Hit Cookbook!


Turning the whole of Australia on our Tim Tam-loving heads (or wait, we already are upside down, anyway?) the beautiful Molly of My Name is Yeh made a circular, sprinkle-topped version of our beloved National Cookie! Honestly, I’m so on board with this. It’s never not time for sprinkles. Plus, I relish the challenge of attempting a Tim Tam Slam through a circular cookie – I could do it! I know I could!



This awesome video was created by my friend, confidante, and dare I say, mentor (I love her) Kristing from Dine x Design. There is a killer interview over on Dine x Design, with yet more previously unheard details on how the book came to be – including all the struggles, all the second-guessing, and how I managed to get through this whole process!  And there’s another interview with the lovely Camilla from The Alimental Sage up at the moment too – all about my food philosophy (note: it’s kind of rant-y). Go check it out! And I hope you have a kickass week!


xx Sarah.

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