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Blog Talk/Real Talk with Megan DeKok | The Sugar Hit
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Welcome to the second edition of Blog Talk/Real Talk! Today’s guest is Megan DeKok of the awesome blog Take a Megabite. If you love pink, quirky design and the best dang ice-cream recipes this side of the north pole, then Megan’s your girl.


I have been following Take A Megabite for YEARS now, and I’m so psyched that Megan had taken time out from hanging with her little dog Elliot to talk to us! Megan lives in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan and is the type of girl who makes an ice cream base on a Thursday night, churns it on Friday on my lunchbreak and photographs it on Saturday. AKA, she is living large and in charge. Some of my personal Megabite highlight real recipes include these bling-licious cookies, this blueberry cheesecake ice cream (killer!), and this Salty Honey & Rosewater Pie, because YUM. Let’s find out how she does it!


Sarah: You have been rocking Take A Megabite for a long time! When did you get started and why did you decide to go into blogging?
Megan: I started in June 2009 with some lil’ peanut butter cupcakes that I photographed in my fave green Tupperware container.  (I’ve since re-visited them.) I guess I just started to realize I wanted to talk about food and bake goodness and that I needed an outlet, ya know? I love blogging more and more and have met so many fun people through it. I feel so lucky to be a part of the food blog community! My blog motivates me to make new and different stuff all the time! I keep a list on my phone for all my food ideas to peek at when I’m stumped about what to make. I kinda want to make every dessert into an ice cream remix, every sandwich into a cake look-alike, and  every meal into an individual-sized portion.


Sarah: What I love about your blog is your bonkers-awesome eye for design. You always have the coolest graphics/fonts/props/style. What inspires you?
Megan: Thank! I’d say that I’m inspired a ton by editorial design. Working as a graphic designer/art director for some local magazines in Detroit, I’ve learned so much from the photographers we work with about how to really plan out a photo and know where you want the negative space for copy etc…  So I guess my art direction/design background totally influences my site. I also love Bon Appetit and can’t even handle how good their handwritten typography and styling is.  They’ve got it goin’ on!


Sarah: I also love the way that your style has been so consistent – whenever I see a recipe on Pinterest, I immediately know when it’s one of yours. Any advice on how to hone in on a style in food blogging?
Megan: Shucks! Thanks, Sarah! That’s super cool! I guess I’m not sure what to say! I guess just follow your heart with styling food. If you’re not digging what you’re doing switch it up completely! Try shooting something a few different ways, push yourself, snack on everything, ask your dog, if you’re shooting something on pinks and teals, try to style it up more rustic-like, break that cookie into pieces, take a bite of that brownie, cut out letters!


Sarah: What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a blog, or who wants to take their blog to the next level?
Megan: I would say that if you want to start a blog just start it! Don’t worry about it being perfect from the beginning. You can’t ever improve if you don’t begin, right? I know my blog was full of blurry photos and dark shadowy shots at the beginning and I’m so glad I did all that to get where I am now. I am always learning more and more.


Sarah: If you didn’t have a food blog, what would your creative outlet be? Is it millinery? You seem to have a lot of cool hats.
Megan: I’d probably spend my time making decorations to hang from my ceiling for parties. I can’t stop tissue paper fringing, poofing, and tassle-ing. More gold fringe, please! More buntings! More banners!


Sarah: Tell us something we don’t know about you.
Megan: My middle name is Suzanne! I have 3 siblings, and only one of them lives in Michigan, two sisters, and one brother. We grew up in a teeny town by Grand Rapids where we’d walk to church, and I’d go on adventure-hikes with a water bottle that looked like a strawberry, and we had a dog named Cookie. I’d get car sick every day on the way to school in kindergarten and so even now being in a hot car is kinda my worst nightmare.


Sarah: What three things have you pinned lately that blew your mind?
Megan: These overnight pumpkin cinnamon rolls of my dreams.
This Disney Land Paris fashion shoot.
This dress would be perfect for New Years’.


Sarah: Who do you think is nailing it on Instagram?
Megan: Billy from Wit & Vinegar. I mean, his food shots are so perfectly haphazard and set up and hella good.


Blog Talk/Real Talk with Megan DeKok | The Sugar Hit


Sarah: What recipe do we have to make from your blog – the one that made you want to rush out and immediately tell everyone make because it’s SO GOOD!?!?!
Megan: Cinnamon Sugar Donut Ice Cream!! I even made it for one of our many Thanksgiving desserts. It tastes just like donuts! Can’t stop, won’t stop.


Sarah: What song should we listen to while we’re at it?
Megan: Kangaroo Court by Capital Cities.  I just saw these guys in concert and it was such a dance party! I can’t stop listening.


Sarah: What’s the coolest thing that has happened to you, because of your blog?
Megan: Meeting Cindy from Hungry Girl Por Vida, Erika from Southern Souffle, and Billy from Wit and Vinegar! I love them all so much!


Sarah: If you could go anywhere in the world, right now, where would it be?
Megan: I think I’d have to go to go Italy for pizza and gelato. I mean, I could probably live off those two! Then again… but I might need to pop over to Maine on the way for lobster rolls.


Sarah: Best way to spend 5 minutes?
Megan: Making a solid lunch! Sometimes I come home from work, bring my pup out and then rustle up either a breakfast sandwich (egg + chives + brie + goat cheese) or crisp up chick peas for a salad while still wearing my coat. And then I eat it standing in the kitchen.


Sarah: Best way to spend $5?
Hard to decide!
Pint of Hacker Pschorr (my fave beer)
Belgian Pearl Sugar!
Coco Café!
Dirty Chai!


Sarah: Who are three people that inspire you?
You! Love your blog design, your mad food skills and typography! (Sarah: AWW shucks!)
Cindy (hungry girl por vida) I’m so lucky to know Cindy in real life! She makes throwing dinner parties a breeze and has mad skillz.
Izzie (top with cinnamon) Such beautiful photos! Can’t even.
Heather (Sprinklebakes) Heather makes food art fo realz.


Sarah: Thanks Megan for sharing some of your inspiration and insights with us!

If you want to hear more from Ms Megabite you can find her at her blog, on Twitter, on Facebook and on Instagram. Seriously, follow her on instagram. Nailing it!


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