Pomegranate Braised Red Cabbage // The Sugar Hit

Pomegranate Braised Red Cabbage


  Sometimes, amidst all the brown tones of the holiday season, another dish emerges…something luminescent, jewel-bright, dressed to the nines…this is that recipe. Pomegranate Braised Red Cabbage! And not only is it a beautiful deep purple, spiked with jewels of…

Sriracha + Coriander Coleslaw | The Sugar Hit

Sriracha + Coriander Coleslaw


  Let me clarify straight away that Coriander is Cilantro and Cilantro is Coriander, they are the same thing. If you are thinking of ground Coriander, that’s actually ground Coriander seeds, from the Coriander plant, aka Cilantro.   Super confused?…