Panettone French Toast Waffles // The Sugar Hit

Panettone Waffle French Toast


  This may come as a surprise to some of you…or maybe not at all…but I’m not a rich lady. I mean, I’m rich in a lot of ways – I have a boyfriend who I love, great friends, I’m…

Pumpkin Everything Bagels // The Sugar Hit

Pumpkin Everything Bagels!


  It’s a PUMPKIN PARTAYYYYY. I’m posting these Pumpkin Everything Bagels as part of a HUGE pumpkin celebration with a bunch of other bloggers – scroll down for all their links! And honestly? I’m the most low key person ever,…

Ricotta Waffles from Whip It Up! // The Sugar Hit

Ricotta Waffles + Whip It Up!


  You wanna know two of my favourite things? Waffles and cool people. With this post, I feel like I’m bringing you a solid serving of both of those things, because this waffle recipe belongs to the one and only Billy…

Honey Nut Granola Pancakes // The Sugar Hit

Honey Nut Granola Pancakes


  Pancakes are number two on the list of things that I never get sick of – number one is a tie between fries and donuts. Of course, it could be true that I’ve never become sick of them because…

Homemade Toaster Pastries from Homemade Memories // The Sugar Hit

Homemade Pop Tarts from Homemade Memories


  Bloggers write great cookbooks. And I’m not just saying that because I’m INCREDIBLY BIASED. I’m saying that because I genuinely believe it. And I think I know why…it’s because food bloggers are the ULTIMATE cookbook fans.   We love…

Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnuts // The Sugar Hit

Peanut Butter & Jelly Doughnuts!


  AWWWWWW YEAAHHHHH (<— think Ferris Bueller). This doughnut is….ridiculous. Like, I’m not even a fan of PB & J as a sandwich, but DAYUM, as a fried dessert puck, that combo is unbelievable.   Fried dessert puck? Ugh, it’s…

Cornmeal Pikelets with Jam & Cream // The Sugar Hit

Cornmeal Pikelets with Jam & Cream


  It’s Monday – let’s set ourselves up for the week, yeah? Let’s make a big batch of lil’ coaster-sized pikelets, so our cheeky snack/next-level breakfast/impromptu dessert needs are sorted for the week.   Because we’re adults and we can…

Baked Blueberry French Toast // The Sugar Hit

Baked Blueberry French Toast


  Baked French Toast is maybe my favourite discovery of recent years. I know that the idea of bread and butter pudding has been around since people had stale bread, but transplanting this dish into a breakfast scenario? Genius.  …

Blueberry Almond Sleepy Toast // The Sugar Hit

Midnight Snackage


This post is sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help keep The Sugar Hit up and running!     I’m about to tell you two things, and I don’t think either of them…

5 Minute Brown Butter Honey Granola // The Sugar Hit

5 Minute Brown Butter Honey Granola


  It’s Monday. Maybe we spent the whole weekend doing other things. Maybe we were laughing about this Pinterest article, I don’t know. One way or another we didn’t get around to thinking about the week ahead. Specifically, how we…

Homemade Crumpets and Honeycomb Butter // The Sugar Hit

Homemade Crumpets & Honeycomb Butter


  Here’s a question for you – would you rather be a showgirl in Vegas, or Paris? I’m in two minds over it. Topless dancing is topless dancing, and we’re talking about the fairly classy/non-sexual kind, like the Lido in…

Hazelnut and Oat Pancakes // The Sugar Hit

Hazelnut & Oat Pancakes


  OH MAN. What a Friday I’m having. It’s absolutely pouring rain. I had a meeting to go to this morning (super exciting project coming soon!) but on the way there, a gentleman ran into my car! So that was…

Simple Lemon Loaf // The Sugar Hit

Simple Lemon Loaf


  So, my phone exploded the other day. There I was, casually sitting on my couch, watching an episode of one of Jamie Oliver’s old shows and eating some hazelnuts that I scrounged from the back of my cupboard (classy…