Quick Belgian Waffles // The Sugar Hit

Quick Belgian Waffles!


  WAFFLES! One of my favourite foods of all time. Probably because I was denied them for so long (there is a serious waffle iron shortage in Australia, imho), I am now very passionate about waffles.   And it’s my…

The Slutty Frenchman // The Sugar Hit

The Slutty Frenchman


  The Slutty Frenchman is no joke. Let me lay it out for y’all to play it out; sliced, smoky ham, melty gruyere, oozy fried egg, crisp spring onions and a slick of sriracha mayo on a soft, white bun….

My Favourite Buttermilk Waffles // The Sugar Hit

My Favourite Buttermilk Waffles


  ‘Friends, Waffles, Work …or Waffles, Friends, Work, but either way, work comes last.’ – Leslie Knope   If there’s one topic on which Leslie Knope is my guru, it’s Waffles. From what I’ve observed, she appears to like them…

Baked Bean Jaffles // The Sugar Hit

Baked Bean Jaffles // I Ate That


  Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? <—-name that song.   In answer to that rhetorical question, YES, this is real life! And I feel no shame in the game of admitting that I absolutely freaking love…

Chocolate Babka // The Sugar Hit

Chocolate Babka // International Eats


  Ooooooooh Chocolate Babka. The coveted Babka, if Elaine Benes is to be believed. And as much as I believe the Cinnamon Babka to be worthy of recognition – the chocolate babka is pretty damned hard to beat.   This…

Homemade Buttermilk Donuts // The Sugar Hit

Let’s make…Buttermilk Donuts!


  Whether it’s just too crazy hot, or you’re stuck in a blizzard, or it’s tropical storming like nobody’s business, sometimes the only thing left to say is ‘let’s make buttermilk donuts’.   And the only thing to do after…

Salty Vanilla and Peach Focaccia // The Sugar Hit

Salty Vanilla & Peach Focaccia


  SALT. Is there anything it can’t do? It brings out the sweetness of these peaches, and the fragrance of this vanilla like nothing else. Each bite is like sitting on an Italian beach, with the Mediterranean sun beating down…

Saint Lucia Challah // The Sugar Hit

Saint Lucia Challah


  My favourite thing to do at this time of year is EAT – but more specifically, to graze. You know, it’s a snacky time of year and I’m a snacky kind of gal. Actually that’s not true, most of…

Santa's Reindeer Cakes! Tender little spiced carrot muffins, the perfect treat to make for Santa's Reindeer // The Sugar Hit

Santa’s Reindeer Cakes


  Santa’s reindeer work incredibly hard. Really, it can’t be easy leading a sleigh through freezing cold, AND stinking hot weather all in one night. Through rain or shine or hail, sleet or snow. They have to slow down time…

Aebleskiver with Vanilla and Jam // The Sugar Hit!

Aebleskiver with Vanilla & Jam


  Have you ever wondered what a pancake, crossed with a cloud, crossed with a doughnut, crossed with a dream, would taste like?   My very specific friend, this is your lucky day. Because that is EXACTLY what an aebleskiver…

Super Easy Cranberry Almond Croissants // The Sugar Hit

Super Easy Cranberry & Almond Croissants


  These croissants are pretty much the most decadent sandwich recipe of all time. Most sandwiches? Butter, fillings, sauces, cheese…they’re freaking great. Let’s not make any bones about that. ALL SANDWICHES are great. My dream in this life might be…