Raspberry and Vanilla Scones | The Sugar Hit

Raspberry & Vanilla Scones


  Scone time! Scones are so underrated. They are the hard-worker of the pastry world. They’ll carry any flavour, you can knock them up in no time, they’re pretty hard to screw up, and when they’re fresh and warm out…

Cinnamon Spelt Pancakes with Apples | The Sugar Hit

Cinnamon Spelt Pancakes with Apples


  Have I ever told you how much I love to eat apples at breakfast? There’s something about that combination of sweet and tart that I really love first thing in the morning. I love that they can be comforting,…

Salted Caramel Donuts // The Sugar Hit

Salted Caramel Donuts


  Put salted caramel into a donut! Do it now, do it today! There is no time to waste before you get this into you face.   I’m sorry if that half-rhymed and sounded kinda Dr Seuss-y, but I feel…

Chocolate & Hazelnut Butter Rolls / The Sugar Hit

Chocolate & Hazelnut Butter Rolls


  I got my first ass-kicking over a recipe today! You remember my Swedish Dream Cake? Turns out that it’s actually a Danish Dream Cake. Not Swedish at all. I thought it was Swedish, because I heard about the recipe…

Bacon Sarnie | The Sugar Hit

Bacon Sarnie {street food monday}


  Do you need a recipe for a bacon sandwich? Probably not. OK then, consider this a reminder for a bacon sandwich.   It’s so fantastic the way people are aware of their health right now. People are eating consciously,…

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Loaf // The Sugar Hit

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Loaf


  Brown sugar! How come you taste so good? (Rolling Stones, 1971). Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s talk bread baking. How do you feel about working with yeast?   I absolutely love it. I find any…

Pain au Raisin | The Sugar Hit

Pain au Raisin


  If those swirly, buttery, flaky, custardy, fruit filled spirals of deliciousness don’t convince you to make this, then I don’t know what will. Oh wait, the only other thing I can think of is if you don’t have a…

Daim Bar Waffles! | The Sugar Hit

Daim Bar Waffles


  You’ve heard of Liege Waffles. You’ve heard of Daim (Dime) Bars. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet; Daim Bar Waffles.   These are straight up my favourite waffles of all time. The waffle dough is like a super-simple brioche, aka…

Single Lady Apple Pancake! | The Sugar Hit

Single Lady Apple Pancake!


  Can you taste that? That, my friends, is the taste of solitude. And it is not bitter.   Please meet, the Single Lady Apple Pancake! And please note that you do not need need to be single or a…

Blueberry Pancake Granola | The Sugar Hit!

Blueberry Pancake Granola


  So it turns out I CANNOT STOP making dessert-flavoured granolas. It started with Sticky Date, and then progressed to Apple Pie, and now I’ve arrived at Blueberry Pancake.   Though now I come to think of it, Blueberry Pancakes…

Flaky, buttery and simple Cherry & Almond Morning Buns | The Sugar Hit

Cherry & Almond Morning Buns


  HOLY CRAP. It’s Friday! Where did the week go, everyone? Where?   I’m not complaining, lord knows I love a Friday, but sometimes it’s like ‘hey, time, slow down a little will ya?’. It’s times like these that we…

Vanilla Sour Cream Waffles | The Sugar Hit

Vanilla Sour Cream Waffles


  I would like you to meet my new favourite waffle. His name is Fritz. Just kidding, it’s not just one Waffle that I’ve given a name to and carry around with me a la Wilson from Castaway (can you…

Sweet Potato Sticky Buns | The Sugar Hit

Sweet Potato Sticky Buns


  These sticky buns are the business.   And you know that when I say that, I do not lie.     The not-secret, but totally magical ingredient is sweet potato. This was a hard-sell for me, because the gentleman…