Lemon Cardamom Spiced Longjohns // The Sugar Hit!

Lemon Cardamom Spiced Longjohns


  Pouring raing, the sound of sizzling dough, the scent of lemon and cardamom, the grit of the sugar between my fingers. I think you need to experience these things. I think you need to make a batch of Lemon…

Spicy-Smoky Chicken Taco Salad

Spicy-Smoky Chicken Taco Salad


    Charred chunks of chipotle chicken (alliteration what what) top this Spicy-Smoky Chicken Taco Salad of brown rice, lettuce and avocado. A twist on the classic Pico de Gallo, with pickled chillies instead of fresh, provides the spiky dressing,…

Golden Gaytime Cake! // THE SUGAR HIT

Golden Gaytime Cake!


  OK – first, considering that I have any international readers (hi! Love you!) I should probably explain what a Golden Gaytime is. According to Wikipedia, it is a ‘popular ice cream snack’ created in 1959. The deal with this…

No Bake Milo Ice Cream Pie -- THE SUGAR HIT!



  Oh hey, in case you didn’t know I’m running with an Australian theme this week. It’s Australia Day next Tuesday (also my sister’s birthday, hi Jules!) and I thought I would share a few of the recipes that taste…

Pine Lime Splice Pops! // The Sugar Hit

Pine Lime Splice Popsicles!


Pine Lime Splice Popsicles! The great Australian pool-side treat, in a super easy, flipping delicous, homemade rendition. Get amongst it.   Summer in Brisbane city always has been and always will be a hot, sticky affair. Luckily my childhood home…

Elderlflower Peach & Raspberry Jellies // The Sugar Hit

Elderflower Peach & Raspberry Jellies


  Have you everrrr tasted elderflower before? Until very recently I had NOT. Once I did, the idea for these Elderflower Peach & Raspberry Jellies beamed straight into me head and I had to make them.   I’d read about…

Chorizo & Burnt Tomato Pizza // The Sugar Hit

Chorizo and Burnt Tomato Pizza


  I used to work very closely with just one other person, a dude. He was super friendly and we got on really well, despite having exactly nothing in common with one another. We shared absolutely no referential points in…

Panettone French Toast Waffles // The Sugar Hit

Panettone Waffle French Toast


  This may come as a surprise to some of you…or maybe not at all…but I’m not a rich lady. I mean, I’m rich in a lot of ways – I have a boyfriend who I love, great friends, I’m…

Coconut Rice Porridge with Passionfruit // The Sugar Hit

Coconut Rice Porridge with Passionfruit


  I’m writing to you from the middle of summer in subtropical Queensland. So, if you’re somewhere cold right now, sorry if this Coconut Rice Porridge with Passionfruit seems somewhat jarring. But I’m doing a new thing this year! Usually…