Street Food

Beef Momos with Tomato Achar // The Sugar Hit

Beef Momos with Tomato Achar


  When you bite into one of these dumplings, you have to have caution. The juice can occasionally get out of control, spilling out of these Beef Momos with Tomato Achar, and burning your lip if you’re not careful. But…

Fried Chicken Pretzel Biscuits // The Sugar Hit

Fried Chicken Pretzel Biscuits


  Make this for your Valentine, even if your valentine is you. If we’re talking about serious expressions of love, then I can’t think of anything more appropriate than a Fried Chicken Pretzel Biscuit. Super crisp, lightly spiced, completely addictive…

Lemon Cardamom Spiced Longjohns // The Sugar Hit!

Lemon Cardamom Spiced Longjohns


  Pouring raing, the sound of sizzling dough, the scent of lemon and cardamom, the grit of the sugar between my fingers. I think you need to experience these things. I think you need to make a batch of Lemon…

Pine Lime Splice Pops! // The Sugar Hit

Pine Lime Splice Popsicles!


Pine Lime Splice Popsicles! The great Australian pool-side treat, in a super easy, flipping delicous, homemade rendition. Get amongst it.   Summer in Brisbane city always has been and always will be a hot, sticky affair. Luckily my childhood home…

Crispy Spiced Sweet Potato Fritters // The Sugar Hit

Crispy Spiced Sweet Potato Fritters


  It’s the end of Winter! In fact, technically we’re still in winter, and yet the temperatures in sunny Brisbane are already soaring. For example, it’s a high of 27C/81F today. In Winter. Yeah, we’re boned for summer.   So,…

Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnuts // The Sugar Hit

Peanut Butter & Jelly Doughnuts!


  AWWWWWW YEAAHHHHH (<— think Ferris Bueller). This doughnut is….ridiculous. Like, I’m not even a fan of PB & J as a sandwich, but DAYUM, as a fried dessert puck, that combo is unbelievable.   Fried dessert puck? Ugh, it’s…

Coffee Maple Donuts // The Sugar Hit

Coffee Maple Donuts


  Every time I start writing this post I get completely distracted watching Hey USA. It’s just a great show, you guys. You should all watch it, so we can talk about it. I will give you donuts.   Specifically,…