Blueberry Peach Crumble 6

Blueberry Peach Crumble


  This Blueberry Peach Crumble is me taking advantage of the absolutely bomb-ass fruit that’s around at the moment. The peaches are incredible, blueberries are actually affordable, and I’ve cracked The Crumble Formula. So, this ridiculously delicious crumble was inevitable…

Golden Gaytime Cake! // THE SUGAR HIT

Golden Gaytime Cake!


  OK – first, considering that I have any international readers (hi! Love you!) I should probably explain what a Golden Gaytime is. According to Wikipedia, it is a ‘popular ice cream snack’ created in 1959. The deal with this…

Chorizo & Burnt Tomato Pizza // The Sugar Hit

Chorizo and Burnt Tomato Pizza


  I used to work very closely with just one other person, a dude. He was super friendly and we got on really well, despite having exactly nothing in common with one another. We shared absolutely no referential points in…

Panettone French Toast Waffles // The Sugar Hit

Panettone Waffle French Toast


  This may come as a surprise to some of you…or maybe not at all…but I’m not a rich lady. I mean, I’m rich in a lot of ways – I have a boyfriend who I love, great friends, I’m…

Pumpkin Everything Bagels // The Sugar Hit

Pumpkin Everything Bagels!


  It’s a PUMPKIN PARTAYYYYY. I’m posting these Pumpkin Everything Bagels as part of a HUGE pumpkin celebration with a bunch of other bloggers – scroll down for all their links! And honestly? I’m the most low key person ever,…

Ricotta Waffles from Whip It Up! // The Sugar Hit

Ricotta Waffles + Whip It Up!


  You wanna know two of my favourite things? Waffles and cool people. With this post, I feel like I’m bringing you a solid serving of both of those things, because this waffle recipe belongs to the one and only Billy…

Haloumi and Roasted Capsicum Burgers // The Sugar Hit

Haloumi and Roasted Capsicum Burgers


  Who doesn’t love Haloumi cheese?! It’s that squeaky, delicious, golden edged cheese from the Med, that hits its highest peak when fried. Yes, all cheese is good when heated (or most cheese anyway) but Haloumi absolutely cries out for…

Honey Nut Granola Pancakes // The Sugar Hit

Honey Nut Granola Pancakes


  Pancakes are number two on the list of things that I never get sick of – number one is a tie between fries and donuts. Of course, it could be true that I’ve never become sick of them because…

Vegan Paint Spatter Cupcakes // The Sugar Hit

Choc-Dipped Salt & Vinegar Party Chips!


  First time I ever heard about a chocolate-dipped potato chip was in this post on Sweetapolita. It’s a recipe from Oregonian food truck The Sugar Cube (sadly no more)(but the name calls to me) and it sounded…strange at the time….

Vegan Paint Spatter Cupcakes // The Sugar Hit

Vegan Paint Spatter Cupcakes


  They’re vegan, and I love them. I hate to start a recipe for a vegan cake with ‘you’ll never believe it’ because I hate cliche’s, but seriously, this is just an amazing chocolate cake full stop. Like, no further…

Milk and Cereal Donuts // The Sugar Hit

Easy Baked Milk & Cereal Donuts


  More Skater food! Today – Baked Milk and Cereal Donuts. These guys are super easy. A simple, nutmeggy baked donut, topped with a creamy milk glaze, and a scattering of whatever cereal tickles your fancy.   The milkiness in…

Mint Choc Chip Layer Cake // The Sugar Hit

Mint Choc Chip Layer Cake!


  Well, it’s official, I’m a published author! So I guess it’s time to pack up this here blog and put an end to all this. PSYCH! I love it way too much to ever quit. What possible other reason…

Crispy Spiced Sweet Potato Fritters // The Sugar Hit

Crispy Spiced Sweet Potato Fritters


  It’s the end of Winter! In fact, technically we’re still in winter, and yet the temperatures in sunny Brisbane are already soaring. For example, it’s a high of 27C/81F today. In Winter. Yeah, we’re boned for summer.   So,…