Peanut Brittle Blondie Pie // The Sugar Hit

Peanut Brittle Blondie Pie


  Oh man, this is the pie you make for those unapologetically sugar-fuelled weekend nights. This is time for boardgames, and backwards caps, and twinkle lights. Bust out Ghostbusters I and II, and strap yourself in for a hella good…

Mulberry Meringue Mess // The Sugar Hit

Mulberry Meringue Mess


  Mulberry Meringue Mess! Or mmm, as I call it, due to alliteration and deliciousness. I freaking love mulberries, so much so that I planted a mulberry tree in my backyard. Best.decision.ever.   If you are without your own personal…

Quick Belgian Waffles // The Sugar Hit

Quick Belgian Waffles!


  WAFFLES! One of my favourite foods of all time. Probably because I was denied them for so long (there is a serious waffle iron shortage in Australia, imho), I am now very passionate about waffles.   And it’s my…