Pumpkin Everything Bagels // The Sugar Hit

Pumpkin Everything Bagels!


  It’s a PUMPKIN PARTAYYYYY. I’m posting these Pumpkin Everything Bagels as part of a HUGE pumpkin celebration with a bunch of other bloggers – scroll down for all their links! And honestly? I’m the most low key person ever,…

Mint Choc Chip Layer Cake // The Sugar Hit

Mint Choc Chip Layer Cake!


  Well, it’s official, I’m a published author! So I guess it’s time to pack up this here blog and put an end to all this. PSYCH! I love it way too much to ever quit. What possible other reason…

Crispy Spiced Sweet Potato Fritters // The Sugar Hit

Crispy Spiced Sweet Potato Fritters


  It’s the end of Winter! In fact, technically we’re still in winter, and yet the temperatures in sunny Brisbane are already soaring. For example, it’s a high of 27C/81F today. In Winter. Yeah, we’re boned for summer.   So,…

Giant Brown Sugar Jam Shortbreads // The Sugar Hit

Giant Brown Sugar Jam Shortbreads


  Happy Friday! It’s officially 10 days until The Sugar Hit cookbook hits the shelves here in Australia! So I’m going to go and have a fizzy drank or two in order to celebrate. (You can still pre-order it! Amazon…

Baked Blueberry French Toast // The Sugar Hit

Baked Blueberry French Toast


  Baked French Toast is maybe my favourite discovery of recent years. I know that the idea of bread and butter pudding has been around since people had stale bread, but transplanting this dish into a breakfast scenario? Genius.  …

Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes // The Sugar Hit

Chocolate Soft Serve Cupcakes


  These little, dense chocolate cone cupcakes are the freaking cutest. But also really charming in a pop-art kind of way. A big part of me wants to blow up and frame every single one of these pictures.   But…

Homemade Crumpets and Honeycomb Butter // The Sugar Hit

Homemade Crumpets & Honeycomb Butter


  Here’s a question for you – would you rather be a showgirl in Vegas, or Paris? I’m in two minds over it. Topless dancing is topless dancing, and we’re talking about the fairly classy/non-sexual kind, like the Lido in…

Peanut Brittle Blondie Pie // The Sugar Hit

Peanut Brittle Blondie Pie


  Oh man, this is the pie you make for those unapologetically sugar-fuelled weekend nights. This is time for boardgames, and backwards caps, and twinkle lights. Bust out Ghostbusters I and II, and strap yourself in for a hella good…

Mulberry Meringue Mess // The Sugar Hit

Mulberry Meringue Mess


  Mulberry Meringue Mess! Or mmm, as I call it, due to alliteration and deliciousness. I freaking love mulberries, so much so that I planted a mulberry tree in my backyard. Best.decision.ever.   If you are without your own personal…

Quick Belgian Waffles // The Sugar Hit

Quick Belgian Waffles!


  WAFFLES! One of my favourite foods of all time. Probably because I was denied them for so long (there is a serious waffle iron shortage in Australia, imho), I am now very passionate about waffles.   And it’s my…