Japanese Fried Chicken Burgers | The Sugar Hit

Japanese Fried Chicken Burgers


  Happy Monday, internet family! Did you have a lovely weekend? I certainly did, because it involved these burgers!   Ya see, here in Australia, it’s nearly the end of Autumn. Too cold for a burger, you might think. But…

Sriracha + Coriander Coleslaw | The Sugar Hit

Sriracha + Coriander Coleslaw


  Let me clarify straight away that Coriander is Cilantro and Cilantro is Coriander, they are the same thing. If you are thinking of ground Coriander, that’s actually ground Coriander seeds, from the Coriander plant, aka Cilantro.   Super confused?…

The Best Oven Chips | The Sugar Hit!

THE BEST Oven Chips


  I’m about to change your life forever. Because these are THE BEST oven chips you will ever eat. For real. No kidding.   The. Best. (maybe even better than deep-fried. whaaaaa?)     Obviously, oven chips are super important….

Za'atar Flatbread | The Sugar Hit

Za’atar Flatbread


  More than anything else, this blog is about the way that I eat. Because I think I am a pretty typical person – not a lot of money, no huge family, still making my way in the world, and…

The one and only Meatball Sub | The Sugar Hit

The One and Only, Meatball Sub


  I went to a launch the other day. A fancy, adults only style event. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have seen some of tweets and pictures about it already.   It was the launch…

Corn and Scallion Belgian Waffles | The Sugar Hit

Corn & Scallion Belgian Waffles


  Sometimes inspiration just strikes. Like when you’re driving to the greengrocer to pick up your fruit and vegetables for the week, sure and certain that today you will be making a Bavarian Cream Pie.   It was written in…

Sea Salt and Poppy Seed Bagels | The Sugar Hit

Sea Salt & Poppy Seed Bagels


  Sea Salt and Poppy Seed Bagels! Somehow that sounds kind of elegant and grown up, doesn’t it? I think it’s the sea salt. That’s the international ingredient for sophistication. Remember when we used to put salt on things, and…

Alpine Grilled Cheese | The Sugar Hit

Alpine Grilled Cheese


  Grilled cheese? Is that the right title? Toasted cheese, cheese on toast? Call it whatever you want. Don’t call it anything, even. But get it into your life. Because this is the best damn grilled cheese I’ve ever had….