Quick and Easy Banh Mi | The Sugar Hit

Quick Banh Mi {street food monday}


  The Sugar Hit ethos is ‘kick-ass, totally delicious, sometimes unexpected and always amazing food that is reasonably simple and affordable’.   And if that’s the ethos of this site, then this quick and easy Banh Mi recipe is pretty…

Greek Chicken Souvlaki | The Sugar Hit

Greek Chicken Souvlaki {street food monday}


  Before we discuss anything else, know that this souvlaki has immediately shot to the top of my favourite-blog-recipes-ever list. It’s that good.   Let me break it down; super-juicy chargrilled chicken marinated in lemon and oregano, crispy oven-fries tossed…

Falafel Pita for Street Food Monday! | The Sugar Hit

Falafel Pita [Street Food Monday]


  Street Food MONDAY!!!! Today? Falafel. And if you’re not already totally on board, then I can only assume that you’ve never eaten a falafel. Because if you had eaten a falafel? You would already be grabbing your keys to…

Wantan Mee = saucy noodles / silky wantans / tender greens / pickled chillies! | The Sugar Hit

Wantan Mee! [Street Food Monday]


  Welcome to the first official Street Food Monday! The first unofficial street food Monday happened last week with these Hotteok, which are definitely worth a look if you missed them.   From now on, every Monday I’ll be delving…