The Best Leek & Chestnut Stuffing // The Sugar Hit

The Best Leek and Chestnut Stuffing


  TRUE CONFESSION: I wait ALL DAMN YEAR for this, The Best Leek and Chestnut Stuffing. It is my life. Why do I love it? It’s just the greatest freaking stuffing ever! It’s so buttery, so delicious, so flavoursome…it makes everything it touches turn…

Whipped Maple Pecan Sweet Potatoes // The Sugar Hit

Whipped Maple-Pecan Sweet Potatoes


  One of my favourite things about food is the seemingly magical way in which certain ingredients interact. These Whipped Maple-Pecan Sweet Potatoes are one of the ultimate examples of that! Sweet potatoes on their own are pretty magical, it…

Lemon & Rosemary Roast Turkey Breast // The Sugar Hit

Lemon and Rosemary Roast Turkey Breast


  Thanksgiving begins and ends with Turkey. It’s funny, this time of year there’s always an equal number of articles telling you how to make ‘THE BEST turkey everrrr!’, and conversely that turkey is totally overrated and never that good….

Haloumi and Roasted Capsicum Burgers // The Sugar Hit

Haloumi and Roasted Capsicum Burgers


  Who doesn’t love Haloumi cheese?! It’s that squeaky, delicious, golden edged cheese from the Med, that hits its highest peak when fried. Yes, all cheese is good when heated (or most cheese anyway) but Haloumi absolutely cries out for…

The Slutty Frenchman // The Sugar Hit

The Slutty Frenchman


  The Slutty Frenchman is no joke. Let me lay it out for y’all to play it out; sliced, smoky ham, melty gruyere, oozy fried egg, crisp spring onions and a slick of sriracha mayo on a soft, white bun….

Baked Bean Jaffles // The Sugar Hit

Baked Bean Jaffles // I Ate That


  Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? <—-name that song.   In answer to that rhetorical question, YES, this is real life! And I feel no shame in the game of admitting that I absolutely freaking love…