Brisbane Peeps! Do you like dogs? I do! And that’s why I’m going to be in the City all day on Monday, hanging out at Botero selling cupcakes for the RSPCA. We’ve got a total of five different flavours, including my personal creation, The Salty Dawg (see what I did there? Dogs?), plus a bunch of others created by my Botero homies; think Matcha White Chocolate, and Champagne Strawberry. My Salty Dawgs are especially awesome though, with a super-chocolate cake base, a malt-meringue buttercream frosting, salted caramel and maltesers on top. AMAZE.


Sarah Coates Cupcake Pic


Seriously, if you’re anywhere near the city on Monday, it’s so worth dropping in. Beautiful cakes which go directly towards a charity for the animals, and I can meet you and say hey, and if you have a copy of my book, I can sign it for ya! What better possible excuse could you have for eating cupcakes? AND if you work for a business in the city, put in an order for a box, and then sell them for a dollar at the office and then the RSPCA gets DOUBLE the donations. So just to clarify, that’s a win win win.


Hopefully I’ll see you there!


xx Sarah.


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