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If you’re a blogger, a solo entrepreneur, or someone who’s just interested in the behind the scenes details of what goes on around here at The Sugar Hit, then you will probably be interested in this video!


Creative Cookies: Sarah Coates, The Sugar Hit from Homeroom on Vimeo.


My friends over at Homeroom sat me down about a week ago and asked a few things about what I do, what success means to me, and what my plans are for The Sugar Hit. It was so much fun, and great to flex my talking muscle (as you can probably see from the video, I love to do it).

If you’re in Brisbane, or anywhere, and you want to get involved with Cookie Biz, you totally can! How? Well, here’s what we’ve been thinking:

  1. Bake a batch of your favourite cookies! This is the recipe we’ll be using.
  2. Sit down with a cup of your favourite brew, and share a snap on Instagram with #cookiebiz.
  3. In the caption, share the topic or question you most wish was being discussed about running your own business.
  4. Explore the hashtag, answer a fellow biz lady’s questions, make some new friends, or just spend some time exploring the Brisbane business community.
  5. Who else should bake a batch of cookies and reflect on their business goals for the new year? Tag them!
  6. Follow @ask_homeroom for more business inspiration (and @thesugarhit for all your sweet tooth satisfaction!).

I’d love to hear your thoughts below! Is this kind of thing something you’re interested in? Do you like my jumper? Do you wish I would shut up and get back to the food? ALL feedback is welcome!


xx Sarah.


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