It’s the weekend, let’s eat a Sundae

Monkey Business Sundae // The Sugar Hit


OOOF! Long week, much? I’m about ready to hit the showers, and then maybe stare at a wall for two days or so? I don’t think I can really manage much more than that!


Actually, that’s a lie. I could definitely manage a sundae.


Monkey Business Sundae // The Sugar Hit


I’m calling this ridicu-licious mess The Monkey Business sundae. Because I think a monkey would dig it. Bananas? Check. Pretzels? Sure. Ice cream? Definitiely. Pretzels? Always.


The real showstopper here is the salted peanut butter caramel. That stuff is NEXT LEVEL. I want to put it on everything! And yes, it even makes the banana in this bearable, nay, delicious. The only time I will ever happily eat a banana is in this sundae, right here.


Monkey Business Sundae // The Sugar Hit


I developed this sundae as a contribution to, and inspired by, the incredibly talented Brittany of The House That Lars Built. The recipe and a little extra ramble from me can be found over there!


Go check it out, and have an amazing, ice cream coated weekend!


xx Sarah.


Monkey Business Sundae // The Sugar Hit


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