Lemon Curd – A Recipe

Lemon Curd Recipe Let’s talk about perfection. A lot of people would say it’s completely unattainable. And with the sound of the most godawful dub step techno, not so quietly pumping it’s way under my front door, it would be easy for me to agree. But, that attitude never helped anyone! Anyway, everything is relative.  Perfection can be as simple as a cool glass of water on a really hot day. And we here at the Sugar Hit, are all about attainable, achievable perfection. Bringing perfection to my life, one simple thing at a time. So, in that vein, let me present to you a list of the things which bring perfection to my life in little ways every day. Lemon Curd Recipe


1) Nut jobs. Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it? (hehe) But their general insanity brings me endless joy

2) This blog! I love writing for you all, and working on my photography, and having an inbuilt excuse to bake all manner of crazy business.

3) Other food bloggers.

4) The cool air after it rains in summer.

5) Breakfast. Every day, it’s absolutely my favourite meal of the day.


Lemon Curd Recipe


6) Chocolate.

7) Wes Anderson films. That’s right, I’m complex. Or not complex? I don’t know what people say about his films

8 ) My new glasses (glass’s?)

9) Flaky, perfect almond croissants from the bakery near my work. Perfection!

10) The way in which my unwillingness to throw away 2 egg yolks has resulted in me having 6 servings of dark chocolate pudding.


Lemon Curd Recipe


11) Having and idea for a cake, and then executing it, and having it actually work out.

12) The number of choices I get to make in a day. Variety! Spice of life!

13) Lists!

14) Stumbling upon that Rolling Stones documentary, Crossfire Hurricane, last Sunday night. Perfecto.

15) Home made lemon curd.


Lemon Curd Recipe


Lemon Curd

2 fat lemons

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

150g caster sugar

100g butter

Place the zest and juice of both lemons, the eggs, egg yolks, and sugar in a medium saucepan and whisk together until the sugar is dissolved. Add the butter, chopped, and then place the pan over a low heat and stir with a flexible spatula until the mixture thickens to a custardy consistency. Pour into jar, air tight container or any ole’ bowl, and enjoy, preferably on a scone.


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