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Hello Internet!

Welcome to my first ever online project The Sugar Hit! Why not tell a friend? Just kidding, wait until there is something good on here first, and that is indeed the plan. I wanted to start this blog so that all of my sugar and butter consumption would have a raison d’etre. A place where the evidence of mine and my friends and family’s sweet eating could go, not to be destroyed, but to be celebrated and maybe brought into the kitchen of someone new.

I am an avid kitchen hobbyist, I bake compulsively and pastry is like my kryptonite. So to those of you who are reading this blog (because I probably told you to go and read it), please leave a request when you visit. I would have baked it for you before The Sugar Hit, but now it’s not just that I want to, I need to. Because of the blog, see?

Then we’re agreed, I’ll bake, you eat, we’ll confer and then post. PLAN!

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