Roast Garlic Gravy
The easiest, most delicious, heavenly Roast Garlic Gravy in the world.
Serves: 2 cups
  • 6-8 cloves of garlic, unpeeled
  • 2 tbsp plain flour
  • 500ml (1pint) good quality chicken stock
  1. When your turkey (or any other roast meat) is an hour away from being cooked, throw the garlic into the pan.
  2. When the meat is done, remove from the pan and set aside to rest. To make the gravy, squish the garlic cloves, removing the soft, caramelised garlic from the skins. Discard the papery skins
  3. Stir and scrape the bottom of the pan, to get all the drippings up, and then pour this mixture into a medium saucepan. Pour off some of the fat, if there is a huge amount of it (with a turkey breast, there won't be much).
  4. Place the saucepan over a low heat, and whisk in the flour. Cook for a minute or so, stirring, and then add in the chicken stock little by little, whisking constantly so there are no lumps.
  5. Once all the stock is in, bring the mixture to the boil, and let simmer for a minute or so. Taste, and add salt or pepper if desired. Pour into a gravy boat and serve!
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